From next week I will be available again for interesting assignments

Yes, you read it correctly, after 15 months of working at GRAPHISOFT I have found a new part-time challenge, a lot closer to home. Besides my new job – as Senior Business Developer at TNO – I will have a few days a week left!

There are of course several reasons for my departure from GRAPHISOFT. After all, it is a great company, with beautiful products, an intrinsic belief in open BIM and I have been able to work with very nice, knowledgeable colleagues. What I missed was a more commercial challenge, in the past decades I have of course mainly been busy on the cutting edges of sales, content and organization. My role at GRAPHISOFT developed more and more into an ambassador where I could travel internationally a lot and talk about open BIM, very challenging but I had little direct contact with customers. But the lack of my family on the many trips and during the stay at the headquarters was decisive. Although we had an apartment in Budapest, you only come home in the evening, right?

In addition to my interim assignment at TNO (in Delft, the Netherlands), I am available for training, interim (sales) management, consultancy, business development or a supervisory board position. I like to talk about short and long-term projects, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

See you soon!

Ahoy, Rob Roef – BIM captain – +31651930030


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